Tim Meagher - Brighton Video Production
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Tim Meagher

Tim Meagher

Position: Director/Videographer

Tim is a highly dynamic and artistic with exceptional camera skills and uses state of the art professional equipment, Panasonic HD professional cameras, jib cranes, dolly trolley, hand held stabilizers, ‘Go Pro’ miniature cameras that can be fitted on vehicles.

He has also used cameras for under water filming and on vehicles in harsh terrain. Tim always ensures continuous contact with clients before, during and after filming which he believes is paramount in developing and producing the best video and results. He has developed unique and inventive ways of interweaving artistic shots and varying camera angles to produce unique film footage. Tim has developed an impressive classy portfolio and continues to bring new ideas to the productions.

Mastering editing and head of graphics team

There is no doubt that editing is the most complex and demanding part of video production and takes a great deal of decision making. To create presentable and impressive footage requires a good eye and sound judgment which ensures that the correct footage is kept and linked together. Tim possesses s great skills this area and his forte is his artistic flair with the HD editing software to produce high quality film. With CGI, voice-overs, and music, he guarantees excellent results.