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Training Videos

Training Videos

Company training is very expensive, video training not only provides a low cost solution, it is also highly distributable and reusable. Big corporations have a ready to use library of instructional training video available across a wide variety of formats. Additionally video can be used to get your company message across to all staff members. So whatever the size of your business, video is the media that will help you get your message across, for all your training needs within your company.

You may already have a training procedure set in place, a well used script which you have presented numerous times.

All that is required is a film crew to come with some lighting equipment, sound recording equipment and a couple of well placed cameras. Set up and go, filming your presentation with a live audience. Simple.

Or you may be thinking of something completely new, that requires some animated illustrations or CGI (computer generated images) possibly the services of a script writer. Don’t worry we can accommodate every aspect of your training video requirements.

We can cater for all eventualities from transposing a power point presentation to video, to an hour-long scripted training video with full acting cast and film crew.

You may be a training professional, are you missing a trick of not being able to offer a video copy of the training course that you have just delivered. To be able to do that a professional produced and edited video is the answer. This may well provide you with an additional revenue stream.

We would be happy to meet and storyboard your ideas, then putting them to our creative team to add that extra zing to your production

See examples of our work on our YouTube page.